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Symptoms and treatments for uterine fibroids

symptoms and treatments for uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids also called leiomyomas or myomas are noncancerous growth of the uterus that sometimes appear during childbearing years. Uterine fibroid almost never develops into cancer and isn’t associated with any risk of uterine cancer. Fibroids range in sizes, from seedlings to bulky masses which distort and enlarge the uterus. Fibroid can be single or multiple, multiple fibroids can expand the uterus and reach the rib cage. Most women do not know that they have these uterine fibroids because they often cause no symptoms in some women, only a pelvic examination or prenatal ultrasound can discover it. Symptoms of fibroids In women who have symptoms, the most common signs include: Heavy menstrual bleeding. Pelvic pressure Menstrual period lasting for a very long time(more than a week) Frequent urination Constipation Backache Leg pain

7 Best Natural Supplements For Breastfeeding Mothers

7 best natural supplements for breastfeeding mothers

Some natural herbs and supplements can pump up your milk supply or dry it out, whichever you are trying. Questions like will it boost my milk supply? Will, it hurt my milk supply? Is it safe to take while breastfeeding or pumping? are often asked. These 7 natural supplements have been known to be harmless and very effective Moringa I’ll be honest, I’m leaning away from recommending fenugreek these days because I’ve discovered moringa,” says Gina Boling, IBCLC, clinical director for the Breastfeeding Center for Greater Washington. Moringa has been used for lactation for many years, in the last six years, it started getting more attention in North America says, Gina Boling. You can find moringa in tea, capsule form, or powder form and it can

What are the Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy

While the best way to know if you are pregnant or not is through pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, there are other symptoms or signs to look out for. A  missed period is not the only early sign of pregnancy.  Other signs of early pregnancy could include morning sickness, fatigue and smell sensitivity. When do symptoms start?              Though odd, your last menstrual period determines your first week of pregnancy. You are one week pregnant from your last week's menstrual period, even if you weren’t actually pregnant. The first day of your last period is used in calculating your expected delivery date. This is why the first few weeks where you may be asymptomatic also count toward your 40-week pregnancy. Signs and symptoms Timeline (from the