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Does A Posture Corrector Brace Work?

Does a posture corrector brace work?

So what is the big deal about posture correction braces and shirts? Do they have any health benefits to offer? Are you suffering from back pain, stiffness, or self-consciousness because of posture? Injury, bad habit, or genetic predisposition can lead to a bad posture, but with the right tools and effort, it can be corrected. Incorrect posture creates a muscular imbalance which can further lead to imbalances below the upper body. Muscular imbalance can lead to tightness in certain areas and weakness in other areas. Poor back posture and muscular imbalance can be detrimental to your health and well-being.  You can retain your muscles and achieve your natural posture with the use of a proper posture. There exist many different types of posture braces, posture shirts,